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100 Greatest Masterpieces SILVER 24K GOLD PLATED PROOF 1973 FRANKLIN MINT

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Total Weight of medals ~230 Troy OZ about 200+ is silver

When you take the medal in your hands, you do feel the weight.

Would look very good if you decided to display it in your house for everybody to admire and learn about art.

Each medal is edgemarked with the registration number appearing on the certificate.

Here is the List of the Medals in the Set:

1. Queen Nefertiti - c. 1365 BC Egyptian. Collection: Dahlem Museum. Berlin. West Germany.

2. The Virgin Of The Rocks - C. 1485 Leonardo da Vinci Collection: Paris, Louvre

3. Sunflowers - 1888. Vincent Van Gogh. Collection: London National Gallery

4. The Ecstasy of St.Theresa 1645-1652. Gianlorenzo Bernini. Cornaro Chapel, Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome

5. The Birth of Venus - c. 1480. Sandro Botticelli. Collection: Uffizi Gallery, Florence. Sculptor: James Ferrell

6. Marcus Aurelius, 161 - 180 A.D. Roman. Collection: Piazza del Campigoglio. (Capitoline Hill), Rome. Sculptor: Clayton Blaker

7. Breezing Up - 1876. Winslow Homer. Sculptor: Jane Lunger. Collection: National Gallery of Art. Washington D.C..,

8. Book Of Kells - 9th Century. Irish. Collection: Trinity College, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Sculptor: Anthony Jones

9. The Kiss - 1886 - 1898. Auguste Rodin. Collection: Rodin Museum, Paris. Sculptor: Neila Kun

10. Tang Dynasty Horse - c. 618 - 906 Chinese. Col.: The Art Institute of Chicago. Sculptor: Jane Lunger

11. The Expulsion From Paradise - c. 1425. Sculptor: Richard Baldwin. Masaccio. Branacci Chapel, Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence.

12. Laughing Cavalier 1624. Frans Hais. Wallace Collection, London. Medalic Sculptor: Richard Baldwin.

13. The Death of Marat - 1793. Jacques-Louis David. Collection: Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Brussels. Sculptr.: Ernest Lauser.

14. Return Of The Hunters -1565. Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Collection: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Viena. Medalic Sculptor: Anthony Jones.

15. Poseidon - c. 460 - 450 B.C. Greek. Collection: NationalMuseum of Greece, Athens. Sculptor: Donald Everhart II

16. Garden Of Delights - c. 1500 Hieronymus Bosch. Collection: The Prado, Madrid. Sculptor: Norman Nemeth

17. Erasmus of Rotterdam - c. 1523. Hans Holbein the Younger, Collection: The Louvre, Paris. Sculptor: Richard Renninger

18. Liberty Leading the People. Eugene Delacroix. Collection: The Louvre, Paris. Medalic Sculptor: Charles Ross

19. Portrait Of Charles I Of England - c 1635. Anthony Van Dyck. Collection: The Louvre. Paris. Medalic Sculptor: Gerald R. Miller.

20. Pastoral Concert - c. 1510. Giorgione. Collection: The Louvre, Paris. Sculptor: Jane Lunger.

21. Charioteer - c. 470 B.C. Greek. Collection: Archaeological Museum, Delphi. Sculptor: Donald Everhart I I.

22. The Raft Of The Medusa - 1818 -1819. Theodore Gericault. Collection: The Louvre, Paris. Sculptor: James Ponter.

23. Mona Lisa - 1503. Leonardo da Vinci. Collection: The Louvre, Paris. The sculptor: WIlliam Shoyer..

24. The Annunciation - C..1440 - 1450 Fra Angelico. Collection: Monastery of San Marco, Florence. Sculptor: James Ferrell

25. A Sunday Afternoon on the Grande Jatte - 1884 - 1886 Georges Seurat. Collection: Art Institute, Chicago. Richard Renninger: Sculptor.

26. Portrait of Francis I - 1524. Jean Clouet. Collection: The Louvre, Paris. Sculptor: Anthony Jones.

27. Description of issue No.27

28. Burial of Count Orgaz - 1586. El Greco. Collection: The Church of Santo Tome, Toledo,Spain. Sculptor: Georgann Schroeder.

29. Water Nymph - 1548 - 1549 (Details from the Fountain of the Innocents). Jean Goujon. Collection: The Louvre Paris. Sculptor: Georgann Schroeder.

30. Horseman - c. 440 B.C. Greek. Collection: The British Museum, London, England. Sculptor: Herman de Roos

31. The Third Of May, 1808 - 1814, 1815. Goya. Collection: The Prado, Madrid. Sculptor: Donald Everhart II.

32. Praying Hands - 1508. Albrecht Durer. Collection: The Albertina, Vienna, Austria. Sculptor: Georgann Schroeder.

33. The Ram in The Thicket - c. 2600 B.C. Sumerian. The University Museum, Philadelphia. Sculptor: Georgann Schroeder.

34. The Discus Thrower - c. 450 B.C. Myron. Collection: Museo delle Terme, Rome. Sculptor: Anthony Jones

35. Giovanni Arnolfini And His Bride - 1434. Jan van Eyck. Collection: National Gallery, London, England. Sculptor: Donald Borja.

36. The Bather - 1808. Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. Collection: The Louvre, Paris. Sculptor: Daniel Stapleford.

37. The Last Supper - 1592 - 1594. Tintoretto. Collection: S. Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. Sculptor: Norman Nemeth.

38. Henry VIII - 1540 Hans Holbein the Younger. National Gallery, Rome. Sculptor: Donald Borja.

39. Hermes - c. 330 - 320 B.C. Praxiteles. Collection: Archaeological Museum, Olympia, Greece. Sculptor: Donald Borja.

40. The Gleaners - 1857. Jean-Francois Millet. Collection: The Louvre, Paris. Sculptor: Georgann Schroeder.

41. The Descent From The Cross - c. 1435. Rogier van der Veyden -c.1400-1464. Prado, Madrid. Sculptor: Georgann Schroeder

42. Beau Dieu (Detail) - 13th century. French. Amiens Cathedral. Sculptor: Donald Borja.

43. Mary Magdalene With A Night - 1630 -1635. Georges de La Tour. Collection: The Louvre, Paris. Sculptor: Georgann Schroeder.

44. David - c. 1430 - 1432. Donatello, Collection: Bargello, Florence, Italy. Sculptor: Jaki Katz.

45. The Last Judgement - 1534 - 1541. Michelangelo. Collection: Sistine Chapel, The Vatican, Rome. Sculptor: Norman Nemeth.

46. Burial Of Phocion -1648. Nicolas Poussin. Collection: The Louvre, Paris. Sculptor: Allan Grow.

47. The School Of Athens - 1510 - 1511. Raphael. Sculptur: Donnald Everhart. Cllection: Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican.

48. Apollo Belvedere - 330 B.C. Greek. Collection: The Vatican Museum, Rome. Sculptor: Carol Yocum.

49. Max Schmitt In A Single Scull - 1871. Thomas Eakins. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Sculptor: Ernest Lauser.

50. The Crucifixion - c. 1510 - 1515. Matthias Grunewald. Collection: Musee d'Unterlinden, Colmar, France. Sculptor: Vincent Miller.

51. Christ Healing The Sick - c. 1649. Rembrandt van Rijn. Collection: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Sculptor: Carol Yocum.

52. Ama-No-Hashidate - 15th century. Sesshu. Collection: National Museum, Kyoto. Sculptor: Georgann Schroeder.

53. Madonna and Child With Angels - circa 1465. Fra Filippo Lippi. Collection Uffizi Gallery, Florence.. Sculptor. Daniel Stapleford.

54. Pauline Borghese As Venus - 1808. Antonio Canova. Collection: Museo e Galleria Borghese, Rome. Sculptor: Neila Kun.

55. The Night Watch 1642. (The Militia Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq) Rembrandt van Rijn, Collection: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Sclptr.Elekfy.

56. St. Sebastian c. 1455 - 1460. Andrea Mantegna. Collection: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Viena. Sculptor: Edward Slattery.

57. The Venus De Milo - 2nd century B.C. Greek. Collection: The Louvre, Paris. Sclptr.: Clayton Blaker.

58. Oath of the Hratii - 1784. Jacques Louis David. Collection: Louvre, Paris. Sculptur: Donald Everhart II.

59. Duke Of Urbino - 1465 - Piero della Francesca. Collection: Uffizi Gallery, Florence. Sculptor: Georgann Schroeder.

60. Flight Into Egypt - 1304 -1312. Giotto. Collection: Arena Chapel, Padua. Sculptr.: Ernes Lauser..

61. The Artist's Studio - 18454 -1855.. Gustave Courbet. Coll.: Louvre Paris. Sculptur: Jane Lunger.

62. The Story of Jacob and Esau - 1435. (detail from the Gates of Paradise). Lorenzo Ghiberti. Coll.: Baptistery Florence. Sculptor: Eugene Daub.

63. Prima Ballerina - c. 1876. Edgar Degas. Coll.: The Louvre, Paris. Sculptur: Clayton Baker.

64. The Blue Boy - c. 1770. Thomas Gainsbrough. Collection: Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery, San Marino, California. Neila Kun: sculptor.

65. Luncheon on the Grass. -1863. Edouard Manet. Coll.: The Louvre, Paris. Sculptr.: Jacalyn Katz.

66. Apollo of Veii - c. 510 B.C. Etruscan. Collection: Museo Nazionale di Villa, Giulia, Rome. Scltpr.: Ernest Schroeder.

67. Still Life - c. 1890. Paul Cezanne. Collection.: National Gallery of Art Washington DC. Sculptor: Calvin Massey..

68. The Last Supper - c. 1495 - 1497. Leonardo da Vinci. Collection: Refectory of the Dominican Church of S. Maria delle Grazie, Milan. Slptr.: Ronald Hower.

69. La Dame a La Licorne - c. 1490 - 1500. French. Collection: Musee de Cluny, Paris. Sculptur: Neila Kun.

70. Portrait of Susanna Fourment - c.1625. Peter Paul Rubens. Collection: National Gallery, London. Sculptor: Richard Renninger.

71. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - c. 1497 -1498. Albercht Durer. Col.: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.., Sclptr.: Chrles Vickers

72. Nude Maja c. 1807. Goya. Col.: The Prado, Madrid. Sculptor: Allan Grow.

73. The Victory Of Samothrace - 2nd century B.C.. Greek. Col.: The Louvre, Paris. Sclptr.: Judith W. Gaimster..

74. The Wave -c. 1823 -1829. Hokusai. Collection: National Museum, Tokyo. Sculptor: George Connelly.

75. Where Do We Come From? Who Are We? Where Are We Going? (detail) - 1897. Paul Gauguin. Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Sclptr: Massey.

76. Portrait Bust of Voltaire - 1781. Jean-Antoine Houdon. Col: Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Sculptor: James Ponter.

77. Battle of San Romano (detail) - c. 1456 - 1459. Paolo Uccello. Col.: National Gallery, London. Sculptor: Jacalyn Katz.

78. Bacchus - c. 1589. Carvaggio. Collection: Uffizi Gallery Florence. Sculptor: Sylvanna Montanari.

79. Nike Adjusting Her Sandal - c. 410 B.C. Greek. Sculptor: Charles Ross. Collection: Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece

80. David - 1501 - 1504. Michelangelo. Sculptor: Dominic Angelini Collection: Accademia, Florence.

81. Le Moulin De La Galette - 1876. Pierre Auguste Renoir. The Louvre, Paris.

82. The Annunciation - 1333. Simone Martini. Uffizi, Florence.

83. Self-Portrait, 1889. Vincent van Gogh. Collection: Mr. & Mrs. Leigh B. Block, Chicago.

84. The Maids of Honor - 1656. Velazquez. The Prado, Madrid.

85. The Battle of the Ten Nakked Men c. 1464 - 1470. Antonio del Pollaiuolo. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

86. The Venus of Urbino - 1538. Titan. Uffizi, Florence.

87. Augustus of Prima Porta - c 20 B.C. Vatican Museum, Rome: Colection

88. Empress Theodora and Her Attendants c 547. Anonymous, Byzantine. Collection: San Vitale, Ravenna.

89. Equestrian Monument of Colleoni - c. 1483 - 1488. Andrea del Verrocchio. Venice, Campo SS. Giovanni e Paolo.

90. The Letter - 1666. Jan Vermeer. Col.: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

91. George Washington - 1796. Gilbert Stuart. Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

92. Pieta - 1498 - 1499. Michelangelo. St. Peter's Basilica, Rome.

93. The Fighting Temeraire - 1838. Joseph Mallord William Turner. Collection: National Gallery, London.

94. Standing Hornblower - c. 1550 - 1680. African. Collection: The Museum of Primitive Art. N.Y.

95. The Sistine Madonna - 1513 - 1514. Raphael. Collection: Gemaldegalerie, Dresden.

96. April from Les Tres RIches Heures Du Duc De Berry - c. 1413 - 1416. The Limbourg Brothers. Collection: Musee Conde, Chantilly.

97. Prince Bltasar Carlos on Horseback - c. 1634. Velazquez. Collection: The Prado. Sculptor: Sylvano Montanari.

98. The Swing - c. 1766. Jean Honore Fragonard. The Wallace Collection, London. Sculptor: Ronald Hooker.

99. The Creation of Adam - 1508 -1512. Michelangelo. The Sistine Chapel, The Vatican Rome. Sculptor Ronald Hooker.

100. Standing Buddah From Mathura - 5th century. Anonymous. Indian Museum, Calcutta. Sculptor: David Hughes.

First Edition of "The 100 Greatest Masterpieces".

The First Proof Edition is the only numbered edition and the only gold on silver edition that will ever be minted.(from the certificate of authenticity)

Comes with Book illustrated with pictures and complete description of each medal as well as art displayed on it.

Comes with Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Comes with the original letter from Franklin Mint.

Some medals have patina, and some might have small scratches after all the set is over 35 years old.

Overall looking very very good. We didn't clean the medals/coins if you choose to it is very easy thing to do, it will remove patina, dust and other things.


You could use it with your kids to teach them art. Each medal has date and description on the back of it as well as complete description in the book.

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