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We Buy Coins.

We buy all types of coins. We buy gold coins, silver coins. We buy platinum and palladium.

Our interest is not limited to the list below.

Here are some specific coins that we would be interested in.

Please offer anything and everything.

Sacagawea Dollars or Native American dollars ( Sacagawea Dollars Rolls/Boxes )

Presidential Dollars Rolls/Boxes

Proof Sets

Mint Sets

Silver Sets

Territory Quarters Rolls / Boxes

National Park Quarters Rolls / Boxes

Chinese: clad year sets, Silver, Gold, Platinum Coins

Russian gold coins ( 3 Roubles Gold 1869 - 1885; 5 Roubles Gold 1832 - 1911; 7.5 Roubles 1897; 10 Roubles any year; Chervonetz, 15 roubles 1897.

Russian silver coins

Russian platinum coins ( 3 Roubles Platinum 1828- 1845 )

Chinese Coins - please offer anything you might have.

2009 Ultra High Relief

Proof Silver Eagles

Proof Platinum Eagles

2003 -2007  32 states of Mexico Bimetalic 1/2 oz silver 100 pesos coins complete 1st and 2nd sets or single coin.

Interested in many other different countries.(please offer) Also interested in slabed/graded colins.

And much much more.

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